Photo Stephane Portha, 2 passions : Video Game and Networks

Stephane Portha, 2 passions : Video Game and Networks

Stephane Portha, 2 passions : Video Game and Networks

It is during the early years of life that a person develops psychologically and mentally but rarely professionally. However, some find their way from their childhood, as the case of this pioneer of French video games. Stéphane Portha

Only six years old, he discovered his passion and made it his job later. A profession of the future that has allowed him to climb the ladder in his field and become a reference for future generations. Thanks to the game called “Pong”, he revealed to be the pioneer of the French digital world.

Living one's passion

From an early age, he understood that living his passion required a lot of work but especially experience and know-how. At only 14, his determination allowed him to create his own Tank game. And his determination paid a lot since the game became a hit.

This experience has allowed him to really live for his passion. Thus, as he ascended, he eventually created his own company: Eurocenter.

A man at the head of several big business institutions

Before fully managing his own company, the creator of Graalonline led several large firms, holding high positions such as manager, director or assistant manager. All the know-how he has today comes, among other things, from his positions at the breasts of those companies. To name a few, there was for example:

  •  Director at Linux
  •  Manager at Negeo
  •  Managing Director at
  •  Director at Inmob.

With such a CV, he was able to finally take charge of his own company and especially succeed. By founding Eurocenter therefore, he has undeniably all the keys in hand to make his passions his business and innovate the world of digital and video games.

A reference in video games

Anyone bathing in the world of video games knows Stephane Portha without any doubt. One of his greatest creations is for example the game GraalOnline. One of the first multiplayer opus of his time. His company Eurocenter Games is also one of the most successful video game companies in history.

This firm has among other things, participated in the launch of the first games on App Store. Another great success of his company is their ability to upgrade the old versions of his video games. Thus, currently we can find several versions of GraalOnline. Versions ranging from the creation of a kingdom to the exploration of space.

New versions that can also be played on more modern platforms such as Android. Some of the best games in the group include GraalOnline classical +, where each player will create, administer and manage their own realm in a medieval context.

We can also mention Era +, an urban game plunging the player into the world of mafia and gangs. With no less than 8 million games sold around the world, the success story of Stephane Portha, this French master of the digital world dreams of more than what he has achieved so far.

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