Photo FCA Compliance Services and Training - Augentius Compliance

FCA Compliance Services and Training - Augentius Compliance

What is Behind Augentius’ Excellence?

Augentius (Se rendre sur la page guarantees that every single customer gets the expertise they need. This is done courtesy of the hundreds of team members they employ, worldwide. With a tried and tested track record, Augentius has trust in its Disaster Recovery (DR) capacity. Any enterprise with high standards has aspirations to be well-known everywhere, but this is not easy to accomplish.

Augentius: What We Do

Augentius is a world-class Private Equity and Real Estate Administrator, working together with 137 investment managers internationally. Located merely a stone’s throw from the River Thames, the corporation began in 2002 and typically employs between 200 and 500 staff. Companies taking on matters concerning funds must be able to provide accurate, consistent and high-quality solutions to the clientele with whom it works. Augentius employs fully-qualified and committed accountants to handle and provide outstanding services to its clients.

Augentius supplies depositary facilities via the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD). Increasing resources often drown the capacity to deal with them. That is why lots of corporations look for support from professionals who specialise in asset management. With a keen awareness of constraints and guidelines, Augentius offers solutions that satisfy these kinds of standards.

Advancing Employees’ Careers at Augentius

The staff of Augentius has been furnished with many chances to improve their careers. This has involved training courses to heighten their talents and know-how. It is ever so important to embrace complete harmony when it comes to the expansion of an organisation and its staff. A chain is merely as strong as its poorest link: That is why Augentius endorses staff vocation development.